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The Chambers Archive

The Chambers Archive website has come into being thanks to the generosity of late Old Colfeian, Richard Chambers who passed away in November 2012. Shortly before he died, Dick donated his precious collection of antiquarian local history to the school along with other books, Colfe’s memorabilia and a sum of money to be spent on the school archive.

We decided that the construction of this website would be an ideal use of the money. In the long term and when resources allow, all the material in the Archive will be scanned, from the Colfeian and Colfensia to the photographs including those of the whole school, enabling anyone to research their own school career or that of their ancestors.

We are also grateful for donations received from Jonathan Ragol-Levy (OC72) on behalf of the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust, which has enabled us to scan the school Roll Book, 1884 to 1928, and many volumes of Colfensia, which was the original school magazine until it joined with The Colfeian in the 1950s, which was the Old Colfeians’ magazine.

It is going to take us a long time to get all the resources onto the site, but it is a project well worth pursuing and I hope that Colfeians and other researchers will enjoy looking into the history of the school.

Judy Cardnell
Librarian and Archivist
May 2016

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